Heavy Duty Muck Cart Fits Large Bucket

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• The Heavy Duty Muck Cart is an easy way to transport horse's manure from the stables to the muck heap.
• Fits a large bucket or a trug tub and has a padded handle.
• The Muck Cart has large wheels for ease of use and is also perfect to use around the garden and all those other jobs around the house.
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Heavy duty muck cart

So good I bought a second one! Love this mucking out cart, but it is so very much more than just for mucking out Fits a bale on its end to walk along and feed out biscuits of hay Easily holds a stack of feed buckets, all made up, to drop at the fence line; makes feeding out a breeze Add a milk crate instead of a bucket; instant all purpose tool/fencing cart Lovely solid frame, and yet still light weight and versatile, easy to push or pull, even when loaded Already have two....considering a third TBH

Terri Davidson , Violet Town