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• Should the rider leave the saddle, a short coiled lanyard attached to the saddle's D-ring instantly activates the cartridge, inflating the vest in less than half a second.
• The SAVE vest effectively turns into an air-splint providing extra protection to the chest, neck, spine, shoulders, hips and buttocks.
• Considerable force is required to activate inflation so accidental inflation is unlikely.
• Replacement Canisters also available.
• This safety airbag vest is recommended for use in conjunction with B.E.T.A. standards approved body protectors.
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I have had my SAVE air vest for 3 years after returning to horse riding after breaking my neck in a car accident and having to have plates and pins in my neck I now put my safety first. I had my first riding accident the other day since purchasing my vest, No surprise as i was just thinking to my self I don't need to wear this jacket anymore my horse is so safe. Famous last words. After dismounting through the air (Rider error) and landing on a flat rock surface on the flat of my back and head, it felt like i had just had a play date in a jumping castle as the air bag did its job and more. I should have had broken ribs, maybe back damage and my helmet did not even hit the ground as the neck air support was so supportive. I can not recommend this jacket enough, even in the arena accidents can happen so guess what I am never going to consider the fact that "I don't need this jacket any more" as I got up and jumped straight back on my horse and headed home to refit my jacket with a new canister. Happy riding still for me. Thank you SAVE.

Caroline Clack , Central Coast NSW
Love my Save safety vest

I have my cervical spine plated and pinned from an injury . I was told by neurologist not to ride ever again. I love my horses and therefore decide to buy a vest that protected my total spinal column. On the weekend I happened to dismount from my horse after he bucked (rider error). My vest instantly inflated.My vest gives me reassurance each I time I ride and thoroughly recommend them.

Julianne Denham , Ourimbah
Save air vest

I had spinal fusion 6 months ago, only wore my vest for cross country before but i now wear for every ride, gives me peace of mind should i have a fall

Debbie , Tasmania