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  1. INTRODUCTION This document is also known as Horse Gear Outlet (HGO - a division of Horse Gear Pty Ltd) Loyalty Programme Terms & Conditions or HGO Rewards.  This document sets out the Terms and Conditions of the HGO Loyalty Programme (HGO Rewards) provided by Horse Gear Pty Ltd.  These Terms and Conditions are intended to protect you and Horse Gear Pty Ltd.  These Terms and Conditions will apply to you (the Loyalty Programme Member) from the time of your first purchase with HGO and will explain how you can earn points when you make a purchase via our On-line store  You should read this document carefully and if you have any queries about these Terms and Conditions please call Horse Gear Outlet on 1300 851 856 and we will be happy to assist you.

  2. DEFINITIONS  in these Terms and Conditions: ‘HGO’ means Horse Gear Outlet (ABN 66 390 472 298, ACN 157 872 636) of  P O Box 3677, Caloundra Qld  BC 4551 “you” or “your” is the reference to the Loyalty Progamme Member “HGO Loyalty Programme Points” means the minimum number of Loyalty Programme Points issued per 1 dollar ($1) spent on an Eligible Transaction.  This is currently set at 1 point for each 10 (ten) dollars spent and may vary as advised  by Horse Gear Outlet (a division of Horse Gear Pty Ltd) from time to time at our discretion”. “HGO Loyalty Programme Bonus Points” means extra shopping points earned on special Bonus days or as a result of other promotional activity offered from time to time”. “Dollar” or “$” means Australian Dollars” “Eligible Transactions” means the end dollar value purchase of goods from Horse Gear Outlet On-line store

  3. LOYALTY PROGRAMME MEMBERSHIP Membership to the HGO Loyalty  Programme is open to individuals, including employees of Horse Gear Pty Ltd and will be activated upon your first purchase from our On-line  (HGO).  These Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been accepted and will be binding on you upon first purchase from our On-line store HGO.  All HGO Loyalty Programme Members will be assigned a number, and this number will be used by HGO for identification.

  4. EARNING LOYALTY PROGAMME POINTS As an HGO Loyalty Programme Member you earn Points on each Eligible Transaction and may also earn Bonus Points on special Bonus days or as a result of other promotional activity offered from time to time.  Loyalty Programme Member Points cannot be sold, transferred or assigned except in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.  Member Points are not property, and have no cash or monetary value.  Member Points can only be earned by individual Loyalty Programme Members for their own personal shopping.  Member Points do not expire at this time, however this may change at the discretion of HGO (Horse Gear Pty Ltd) and you will be notified of any changes.  Member Points are available for redemption via offers received by you from HGO (Horse Gear Outlet Pty Ltd) in various forms (at our discretion) such as by issuing Vouchers/Emails with Promo Codes which are to be entered at Checkout when you make a purchase via our On-line store (HGO).  Member Points are redeemable for any product in our On-line store (HGO) , or to reduce the purchase price of a product/s which is/are available at the time of redemption, or to reduce the cost of any freight charges which may be levied by entering the Promo Code at Checkout to reduce the overall Order Total.  Member Points will be deducted from your Loyalty Programme Account for any purchases, or order discount made by you.  Member Points can be advised to you by HGO (Horse Gear Pty Ltd) at any time by emailing us at or by phoning us on 1300 851 856 or by Logging In to our Website & clicking on the ‘Loyalty” Tab in the Menu Bar.

  5. RETURNS Should you return a product to Horse Gear Outlet for a full or a part refund, Horse Gear Pty Ltd reserves the right to reduce your Loyalty Points Balance by the amount of the refund, e.g a refund of $50 would result in the loss of 50 Loyalty Points.  Any reduction in Loyalty Program points is at the sole discretion at Horse Gear Pty Ltd and is subject to change at any time.

  6. USING HGO LOYALTY PROGRAMME POINTS  To redeem points, simply click on the ‘Loyalty’ TAB in the top Menu Banner at the top of our Website, this will take you to your points balance and claim page.  Enter the amount of points you wish to claim and select submit.  NOTE:  You must use the same email address for your Log In.  If you wish to use another email address please notify us so that we can transfer your points. Points may be redeemed against any product purchase, or part there-of by entering a Promo Code at Checkout, provided the total amount of the order exceeds the value of Loyalty Points being redeemed via Promo Code.  The Promo Code and discount amount will be advised to you by Voucher/Email issued by HGO, or by other means as chosen by HGO.  Points may be redeemed by Invitation (by the issue of a Voucher/Email) once the Loyalty Programme Member has reached the minimum number of points, which is 40 points at present, however this is subject to change by HGO from time to time.  Forty (40) Club points gives your $40 (forty dollars) to spend in our On-line store (HGO) when placing your next, or any subsequent order which must be for an amount greater than the Points Value being redeemed.  HGO (Horse Gear Pty Ltd) reserves the right to alter the redemption requirements for Loyalty Programme Points, and will communicate such alterations to the Loyalty Programme Member in writing.
    Once you have redeemed your Loyalty Points via our Website and received your Promo Code, the Promo Code issued to you will expire in 60 days and must be used within that time.  Points that have not been redeemed via our Website will not have an expiry date, however this is subject to change at the discretion of HGO (Horse Gear Pty Ltd).

  7. OTHER BENEFITS AND BONUS SHOPPING EVENTS  HGO (Horse Gear Pty Ltd) may notify you from time to time of additional benefits or bonus shopping which are available to Loyal Programme Members.

  8. GENERAL INFORMATION You are solely responsible for any Government Tax, duty or other charge imposed by law in any country in respect of the HGO Loyalty Member Programme, any points earned and any points redeemed by the HGO Loyalty Member Programme.  HGO (Horse Gear Pty Ltd) reserves the right to terminate the HGO Loyalty Member Programme at any time by giving you reasonable notice in writing.  If HGO (Horse Gear Pty Ltd) terminates the programme, you will be entitled to redeem the balance of points earned up until that time, within 3 (three) months of the programme finishing, providing that the use of the points is as per the current redemption requirements.  At all times HGO (Horse Gear Pty Ltd) is bound by it’s Privacy Policy with regards to the treatment of your personal information.  The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 gives you the right to see or correct your personal information held by HGO (Horse Gear Pty Ltd).  Your details will not be used by any company outside HGO (Horse Gear Pty Ltd).  We may use your personal details to send you marketing information, offers to accept special promotions and other Loyalty Programme Benefits.  If at any time you wish to view our Privacy Policy, please contact us or view it on our Website
  • Should you have any queries regarding the HGO Loyalty Programme, please contact Horse Gear Outlet.