Effax Advent Calendar

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The Effax & Effol Advent Calendar is the perfect present for your best friend! Equestrians around the world trust the proven Brand Effol - high quality, natural ingredients guarantee the highest quality standard of their complete program of care products.
For over 100 years they have been committed to the vitality, performance and health of your horse.
All Effol care products are dermatologically tested; In addition, the raw materials are processed according to pharmaceutial law.
Advent Calendar Box contains:

• 1 x Effol Mouth-Butter Apple Flavoured – 30ml tube
• 1 x Effol Skin-Repair Balm – 30ml tube
• 1 x Effol Regrowth Serum to regenerate hair – 50ml bottle
• 1 x Effol Skin-Lotion – 50ml bottle
• 1 x Effol Dragon’s Blood Film Plaster – 50ml bottle
• 1 x Effol Hoof Ointment – Green – 50ml container
• 1 x Effol Winter Hoof Gel – 50ml container
• 1 x Effol Summer Hoof Gel – 50ml container
• 2 x Effol Horse Balm – 50ml containers
• 1 x Effol Rider Hand Cream – 75ml tube
• 1 x Effol Rider Lip Butter – 10ml tube
• 1 x Effol Lipbalm – 5ml stick
• 4 x Effol Med BronchoCare -Bons (ease throat irritations for humans & horses) – 44gram packs of sweets containing natural herbs, mint & barley
• 3 x Effol Friend-Snacks – 115gram packs
• 1 x Effax Leder-Balsam – 50ml container
• 2 x Effax Leder-Combi – 50ml containers
• 1 x Effax Leder-Creme – 30ml tube
• 1 x Effax Speedy Leather-Shine
• 1 x Effax Kids Sponge
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