• Your Horse's reaction to these treats will melt your heart!

Your Horse's reaction to these treats will melt your heart!

Your horse’s reaction to these treats will melt your heart

Happy Horse Training Treats by Huds & Toke get fantastic results! Have you bought treats for your horse in the past, thinking they would love them, and only got a lukewarm reaction for your efforts? We’ve found the same with our own horses with some horse treats available, and decided the horse is just as happy with carrots. Carrots aren’t ideal as a Training Treat though, because your horse can’t concentrate on you when he has a mouthful of carrot! Happy Horse Treats come in a range of palatable flavours that your horse will love, and are small in size (smaller than a 5 cent coin) so are swallowed quickly allowing your horse to focus his attention on you. We’ve tried them on our own horses, and found they love them. So much so, that the rustle of the packet is enough to get their attention (very handy for photoshoots).


Happy Horse Treats, by Huds & Toke are Australian made from all natural human grade ingredients. Huds & Toke is a 100% Family Business, with the Treats manufactured locally on the Sunshine Coast in their own purpose built facility. Their Mission is to manufacture the absolute best Pet & Horse Treats that Australia can offer! They have won various awards including “Innovation Award”, a “Business of the Year Award”, an individual “Businesswoman of the Year Award”, plus a “Business of the Future Award”. In addition, the Business Owners both hold Degrees – an Associate Diploma in Applied Science majoring in Animal Nutrition and Production, Stock Feed Manufacturing; A Bachelor of Business majoring in Agribusiness, and An Associate Diploma in Applied science majoring in Stock Feed Manufacturing. Don’t we all want to feed Award Winning Treats to our Horses & Pets?

Groundwork is an important part of building a relationship with your horse, and time spent training your horse on the ground will flow through to your training under saddle. Below is a picture of Rhianna from ‘Freedom of the Horse’ Instagram Fame training her beautiful horse with our Horse Treats.


Happy Horse Treats come in four fantastic flavours:
They are available in various sized packets – our favourite is the 1kg value pack which will last for a long time. Don’t be fooled by the image on our website, the bag is huge (the packet itself is 28cm x 37cm and it holds a LOT of treats for your horse!)
Things we love:
• It’s all about the horse - Our horses love them!
• They are Australian Made
• The Business Owners are well qualified and are Pet Owners
• The Horse Treats are made from Human Quality All Natural Ingredients
• The Ingredients are all listed on the packet
• Being small in size makes them so easy to use for Training and great value for money
So if you would like to feed your horse Training Treats, don’t feed sugar cubes – feed them a Treat that is specially designed for horses and ponies by qualified people in a purpose built facility.

…. even the cat likes Happy Horse Human Grade Horse Treats!