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  • Product Review - HGO's All In One Saddlery Cart

Product Review - HGO's All In One Saddlery Cart

The Team at HGO all own and ride horses and, like you, want the very best products for our horse. We use and road test many of the products and provide feedback to the Boss about what works and what doesn’t! We will be reviewing some of the products we use on our own horses to let you know how effective they are in the paddock or the stables, rather than just writing about them from looking at them in the warehouse. The first product we have reviewed is the All In One Saddlery Cart, which has proven to be a favourite amongst our customers since we first started selling them in January 2013.

Things we love:-
• It has enough storage to hold all the tack you need for one horse
• Having all your gear in one place means more time riding and less time preparing
• It is mobile, so you can wheel it from your tack room to your horse, meaning you don’t spend as much time running backwards and forwards
• The Saddle Bracket keeps your saddle in great shape
• It holds your saddle and bridle at a really convenient height for cleaning
• The storage basket at the bottom is large enough to hold your brushes & grooming equipment, as well as horse boots
Some other things you might like to know:-
• HGO’s All In One Saddlery Cart is suitable for English Saddles such as the Dressage Saddle pictured
• The Saddle Bracket measures 45cm in length
• Overall height is 153cm
• The Basket at the base measures 45cm x 43cm
• The wheels of this saddle cart aren’t large (12.5cm diameter) so it is more suited to use around the stables. If you are looking for a saddle cart to use in the paddock, or on rough surfaces, our new Stable & Grooming Trolley with large wheels would be more suitable
• The handle and the basket are removable, and you would be able to transport it in a 4WD, however it hasn’t really been designed as a mobile cart to take in your car

Pictured is HGO’s All In One Saddlery Cart in use at the stables, showing just how much tack and equipment it will hold:

All In One Saddlery Cart at the Stables

So just what can you fit on the Saddlery Cart?
This Saddlery Cart belongs to one of the HGO Team Members, so the products pictured are those used every day for the chestnut horse, Troy. You would be able to fit quite a bit more in the basket of the trolley, and you could also use a tack box to carry your brushes if preferred. The basket has bars on the bottom so most products will stay put without the use of a container or tack box, however smaller items such as a hoof pick would need to be secured.
The Saddlery Cart pictured is holding:
GPA Helmet Bridle Gloves Saddle
Dressage Whip Absorbine Liniment Sheepskin Mitt 3 x Magic Brushes
Body Brush Cut Out Sling Boots Veredus Tendon Boots Bling Bell Boots
Bartl Half Pad Hoof Cleaning Brush Happy Horse Treats Spare Reins

The Saddlery Cart pictured was bought by one of the HGO Team Member’s when they first came in to stock. This cart would now be 3 ½ years old and is used a few times a week, making them excellent value for money. Click here to view this product on HGO’s website: All In One Saddlery Cart