• Effective Horse Worm Control with Kelato

Effective Horse Worm Control with Kelato

Effective Horse Worm Control with Kelato
Worming your horse is often something that is overlooked or ‘put off’ as, let’s face it, it’s not fun for us or the horse, and it can often be seen as an added expense that can be delayed. An effective worming program is very important for our horses and ponies for several reasons. A horse that is subject to a worm burden can show some or none, of the following symptoms:
• Weight loss and poor overall condition
• Tail rubbing
• Scouring
• Poor growth
• Coughing in young foals
• Colic
Worm infestations are often not visible to the eye, however can have a very harmful effect on your horse’s health. While wormers may not be the most exciting purchase you can make at a saddlery or produce store, they are one of the most important to the overall well-being of your horse. There is little point in spending a fortune feeding your horse, if you aren’t following a suitable worming program. At Horse Gear Outlet, as horse owners, we understand the importance of a worming program being affordable, so we offer the Kelato Range of Rotational Horse Wormers at very competitive prices.
An effective worm control program consists of the following:
• Worming your horse with an effective worming paste such as Kelato Evolve Worming Paste
• Rotating your worming paste to use rotational pastes such as Kelato Revolve Worming Paste
• Picking up your horse’s manure – daily in stables & yards, and at least every 3rd day in paddocks, depending on the size and number of horses
• Harrowing large paddocks where manure removal is not feasible or required
• Resting paddocks
• Alternating grazing horses and other livestock
So, what wormers to use? We recommend Kelato Evolve Worming Paste for regular use. Evolve is an orange flavoured broad-spectrum wormer and boticide for horses. The flavour is palatable for horses (so they are less likely to spit it out all over you!) and the syringe is small and easy to use with no wastage. It’s easy for horses and ponies to swallow, and the dose is concentrated so each tube will treat horses that weigh up to 600kg. Kelata Evolve Wormer contains Praziquantel and Ivermectin which are well absorbed through the gut and are toxic to the following:
• Ascarids,
• Bots
• Hairworms
• Intestinal Threadworms
• Lungworms
• Neck Threadworms
• Pinworms
• Tapeworms

• Large and Small Strogyles
• Large Mouth Stomach Worms

It is recommended that you treat your horse every 6 – 8 weeks with Kelato Evolve Wormer, used in conjunction with Kelato Revolve Worming Paste.  Kelato Revolve has been designed to complement Kelato Evolve, and together they provide a complete rotational worming solution.  The reason we need to rotate our wormer is because, as with many things, resistant worms are emerging as a very real problem in Australia.    If you continue to use the same type of wormer, with the same active ingredients, you will find the worms will become resistant and the wormer will become ineffective.   It also takes different types of chemicals to kill different types of worms.  Kelato Revolve comes in a 32.5 gram tube which is enough to worm a 550 kilo horse.  It is also orange flavoured, making it palatable for your horse, and it has a dual action effective against BZ resistant small strongyles and mectin resistant worms.  Kelato Evolve and Kelato Revolve provide the Complete Rotational Equine Worming Program – at a very affordable price!