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Your Horse's reaction to these treats will melt your heart!

'Happy Horse' Training Treats by Huds & Toke are a favourite with all horses and get fantastic results!  Have you bought treats for your horse in the past thinking they would love them, only to get a lukewarm reaction in return? (or outright refusal to even try them!). 

We've found the same with our own horses with some horse treats available, and have gone back to the old staple treat... carrots.  Read on to hear what the HGO's Team think of our Happy Horse Training Treats....

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Product Review - HGO's All In One Saddlery Cart

The Team at HGO all own and ride horses and, like you, want the very best products for our horse. We use and road test many of the products and provide feedback to the Boss about what works and what doesn’t! We will be reviewing some of the products we use on our own horses to let you know how effective they are in the paddock or the stables, rather than just writing about them from looking at them in the warehouse. The first product we have reviewed is the All In One Saddlery Cart, which has proven to be a favourite amongst our customers since we first started selling them in January 2013.
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These Jodhpurs will give you Goosebumps!

Goosebumps?  Well... maybe not quite, but jodhpurs will make your ride a lot more comfortable and stop your legs from chafing, particularly on those long rides where you spend most of the day in the saddle.

Read here about how jodhpurs and breeches have evolved over the years from the stiff, pantaloon-style jodhpurs of many years ago - see a picture of the Queen in old-fashioned jodhpurs - and read about the new On-Trend Riding Tights.

Horse Gear Outlet has your Riding Apparel covered including Ladies & Childs Jodhpurs, and Stretch Riding Breeches!

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